Dhamaal94 is name of experience and wisdom with knowledge of broadcasting that entertains you with much awaited vital programs that are the need of our listeners and we value it.

Let us serve you with passion and FMDhamaal94 will change the way you discover and listen to music.

Tune in to FMDhamaal94 and enjoy!!

About Dhamaal94


FM radio station ‘Dhamaal94’ is a pure entertainment available to the people in the area and surroundings of our big city Faisalabad. Our listeners enjoys unstoppable music and other programs on health, education, business and more on other important issues of life, urgent and most needed. We uphold the demand of our valuable listeners and broadcast much awaited programs.


7/24 we air music of interests of masses, Urdu, English and Punjabi are the medium of transmissions that equally entertain you and keep you updated with hot issues in the country. Dhamaal94 broadcasts News bulletins, Talks shows, Discussions on the discourses of the day and also Interviews and Reports on current affairs in the country

Audience Connection

Listeners are connected with Dhamaal94 with phone calls and text messaging service for their valuable participation in the live programs. We listen you and put you on air through phone calls so that your dear-ones could listen to you on Radio Dhamaal94 every day.


Our technical teams are busy 7/24 to provide you with a class of music and much important programs that give you useful information around the clock.